The Stalker
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Stalker
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  • Exposition
  • omg something bad might happen to me
  • Inciting Incident
  • Rising Action
  • Omg there's someone folloiwng me.
  • This girl named Rose is walking home from her friends house in the snow at night alone. Shes thinking something bad might happen to her. She starts do get this feeling someone is around her so she kinda is in fear and shock someone was there with her late at night.
  • Rising Action
  • She here's something like footsteps or something like that, so she starts to walk away faster, In fear. She then relizes that her house is around the corner, So is she runs fast egough then she will be able to get home safe and sound.
  • Climax
  • She looks back and sees someone following her. She quickly starts trying to run away to get home.
  • Falling Action and Resolution
  • She starts running away faster. She can almost see her house. But the guy Is almost catching up to her.
  • She thinks if she runs faster, and faster she will be safe
  • So he is like a few steps ahead if her. So she turns back and she almost trips, but she does not, So she thinks to herself to just keep running and don´t stop in till she gets home.
  • Should I yell to make him, got away.
  • She finially gets home, And she quicky Runs in. The guy sees that she is home and runs away hoping no one saw him,.... Rose never saw him again.
  • Leave me alone.
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