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Romulus and Remus
Updated: 5/21/2020
Romulus and Remus
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  • The king sends newborn twins out into the river thinking they will die for he frets one day they would grow up, kill and overthrow him.
  • Mwahaha now no one shall overthrow me
  • A wolf who recently lost her newborn pups find Romulus and Remus and takes them to raise them as her own.
  • What are these babies doing here?
  • One day while the wolf was resting, two shepherds came across the twins and one decided to take them and raise them.
  • I do not know, but I shall take them home and raise them as my children.
  • One day Romulus woke up to a note that the king had taken Remus so he set out to rescue him.
  • Father I am going to rescue Remus
  • Please, I cannot lose my son
  • I think we should use this one
  • When they both got back, instead of taking over the dead kings kingdom, they wanted to make their own city on either the Aventine Hill or the Palatine Hill.
  • Well I think we should use this hill
  • After getting in such a big fight between them Romulus killed Remus and made his city all by himself where Rome now stands.
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