SnoVid 2021
Updated: 2/23/2021
SnoVid 2021

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  • The first time the snow came during that week, me and my siblings were pretty excited- we hadn't had snow in Texas for years! That day, we played in the snow, enjoying seemingly huge amount of heat we had.
  • There's so much snow!!
  • How it Was Like For Me on SNOVID 2021
  • We had power outages the next day, and the first time we really noticed it, was in the evening. Since we couldn't really do much without light, and we only had a couple sources of light, the entire family gathered in the living room, either reading or doing something productive. It was kind of nice, with all of us together.
  • This is kind of nice...
  • A couple friends also had to stay over because they had a lot of issues, such as no internet, electricity, and water all day, and our condition at the house was better than theirs.
  • Can we stay over?
  • Over the next few days, when the power was on, we attempted to watch movies with our friends, play games, and even do some work. When it was off, we played card games, board games, talked, and found other activities to do. Despite the situation, it was really fun!
  • Eventually, they had to leave, as the snow melted, and their home conditions had gotten better. Although it was sad to say buy to them, I had a lot of fun, and they probably had wanted to go home.
  • Bye!
  • Overall, this experience will be something I remember, as it was very unusual, and I experienced a lot of emotions and new experiences. I am grateful to not be affected too much by the snow, and I hope others are too.