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Two Kinds - Comic
Updated: 9/20/2019
Two Kinds - Comic
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  • Ni kan.
  • Capital of Sweden?
  • ...Nairobi?
  • What's the ammount of potatoes in each bag in the house?
  • The story starts off with Jing-mei and her mother forcing her to watch TV and wanting Jing-Mei to become a Chinese version of Shirley Temple. Later on, she tries to make Jing-Mei other prodigies.
  • !
  • After the failure of Jing-Mei becoming a Chinese Shirley Temple, her mother tries to force her into being a quiz master.
  • Even my dead fish can do better than this!
  • Jing-Mei eventually gets tired of the quizzes her mom is making her do, so she decides to rebel by looking outside and counting things.
  • After the failures of Jing-Mei becoming Shirley Temple and trying to become a quiz prodigy, Jing-Mei's mother then sees a little girl on TV playing the piano. Jing-Mei's mother gets the idea of making Jing-Mei become a pianist.
  • After Jing-Mei did some piano exercises, her mother signs her up to the talent show. When the day of the talent show came and it was Jing-Mei's turn, she, at first, started of her assigned song very well. But as Jing-Mei continued with her song, she quickly got distracted with her dress and started to play horribly. After the talent show, she vowed to never play or practice piano again...
  • Wow, she's really bad...
  • Many years after the talent show, when it was Jing-Mei's 30th birthday, her mother got Jing-Mei the piano from decades ago. The piano was very polished and played rich notes, as Jing-Mei stated. She came back to the piano and practiced, "Pleading Child" once again. She also noticed another piece called, "Perfectly Contented" and realized that those 2 pieces are 2 halves of the same song.
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