Summer Project 2020
Updated: 9/14/2020
Summer Project 2020

Storyboard Text

  • Ah, Such a beautiful day
  • Going To The Park
  • Such a good night
  • Falling down the stairs too much
  • NOT AGAIN!!!
  • Go To Disney World
  • Wow!
  • *Ride sounds*
  • Disney world
  • I Usually like going to the park and sometimes i even go to the park at night
  • Go Camping
  • And then they were never heard from again
  • I always fall down the stairs, like ALL The time.
  • Help stop the paramedic
  • Thanks for donating 1000$
  • I would of went to Disney world and have fun on all the rides
  • Buy all the Toilet Paper and make a toilet paper tower
  • Why does my toilet paper look like newspaper
  • I was going to go on my first experience with camping.
  • I would donate a lot of money to help stop COVID-19
  • This is self explanatory (They didnt have toilet paper item >:o )