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Updated: 1/14/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Climate change is tough, and here is some reasons how it is happening.
  • All this smoke coming from the factory is going to the atmosphere as CO2. This is very dangerous and this causes climate change!!
  • Another cause of climate change is forest fires wiping out forests. The trees release CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Here are different affects climate change has on a couple of kids in the country.
  • One effect climate change has is that the heat is causing stronger hurricanes, which then involves a lot of rain a nd waves, putting our beaches and homes underwater.
  • Over here, climate change has been affecting us as well. We have hit severe droughts, due to high temperatures and lack of rain. and we can't grow enough food, and earn any money. This is especially hard on my mother.
  • You can prevent climate change right away as a kid. Tell students and teachers at your school. Bike to school! Not only is it going to save the planet, but you feel so much energized. 
  • Just because students are young, does not mean we cannot help prove a point. Vote, and tell everyone in your neighborhood, to stop using gases and to help the environment. 
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