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Updated: 1/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Christopher Columbus and his crew leaving Spain crossing the Atlantic Ocean looking for new land.
  • Columbus used the technology of new and improved ships on his journey to America with triangular sails. The sails help them to move more accuratly. They also used the astrolab to help determine their location using the stars as well.
  • Sailers sailed for God and a new tehnology that sailers used was a compass to help them tell which direction they were sailing. While on the ships they worried food would run out and they would starve.
  • Christopher Columbus and his crew arriving in America using and accurate maps.
  • When Christopher Columbus and his crew arived in America there were new dieases,animals they had never seen,and some people thought he was an intruder. Both diseases and intruders were dangers.
  • The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus caused him to become famous for his discovey. God, Gold, and Glory are three ways Columbus became famous. He sailed for religious freedom, to get gold, and to become famous.
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