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Updated: 3/16/2020
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  • I believe that Andrew Jackson should not be on the twenty dollar bill.
  • Luke ManzanoPer.43/14/20
  • Jacksonian Democracy: The idea that common people should control the government. Jackson used this to win the presidency and let common mam help him rule. i ndec
  • So he really shouldn't have won?
  • Spoils System: The practice of rewarding political supporters with the government. Jackson used this by firing politcal workers and putting the common man in place.
  • Wow our government could have benn really weak.
  • Indian Removal Act: To move native americans off land by poor treaties for gold. Jackson did not care for the natives but made them sign treaties kicking them off there land.
  • He wasn't a very good president.
  • State rights: Politcal power held by state government than federal government.Jackson let northern states have a tariff bill while southern states couldn't.
  • War on National Bank: To take out bank and economic benifits. Jackson destroyed the nations national bank with state banks but this did not work. He really shouldn't be on the twenty dollar bill.
  • I couldn't agree more.