Cinderella (school stuff)

Updated: 5/22/2020
Cinderella (school stuff)

Storyboard Description

this was for my school work but i may use this app later!

Storyboard Text

  • hey! go do my chores mom said you have to!
  • I better get to work...
  • Cinderella was always cheerful.
  • There will be a gigantic party! all of the ladies and men in this city will be able to go!
  • although her mom and sister bossed her around like she was made to do chores.
  • Why do they have to be so cruel! this isn't fair one bit!
  • and whenever Cinderella didn't do something her stepsister would always tattle on her like they were still kids.
  • what the heck guys! how'd you get in?!
  • When Cinderella's step-family and her dad found out that there was a VERY big party. with every single rich person in their state was gonna be there! But when her step-family found out every girl could go they quickly came up with a plan....
  • Whoa!
  • They didn't let her go and they locked her in the dirty and dark attic of their tiny home then they started to get ready. the only things she saw was a dollar bill, some coins she couldn't use, boxes full of dust,a trash bag, and some news paper.
  • party
  • Suddenly, something got through the window and slammed right into Cinderella! then Cinderella realized it was her two dogs, Lino and Biscuit!! she was so confused! "what the heck guys! how'd you get in here!?" she yelled.
  • party
  • Then the dogs gave her a bag full of awesome and gorgeous clothes to wear! she was so shocked! where'd they get it? how'd they get it? so many questions they couldn't answer because it was time for her to go to the party!
  • party
  • when they got outside there was a very nice car for her on their driveway. There was even a driver because Cinderella couldn't drive a car!
  • when she arrived she was so scared her family would notice her , but no one did.... they all thought see was just some scared kid. although Cinderella caught all the attention because of her beautiful dress!!
  • Sooo.... all of you will try and impress me. if you fail you wont marry me.
  • Whoa... what?! Whys he here OMG!!!
  • Stop this right now or ill kick you out!!!!
  • Then EVERY single girl in the room turned around to see a very rich man, his name was Dylan. He was about Cinderella's and her sisters age so they both liked him.
  • wait!!!
  • When Dylan saw Cinderella he was so enchanted by her, so he grabbed her hand and they started to dance!
  • Then as soon as Cinderellas stepsister saw her with Dylan She jumped onto Cinderella. she was hurt and needed help but nobody could because Dylan couldn't move because her step-sister was hugging him so hard.
  • Cinderella quickly jumped up and ran out of the party area.
  • then she ran and ran, and ran, and ran so far she fell outside their house. her clothes turned into rags once again...
  • Take the shoe please,and try it on.
  • what she didnt realize was that she left her shoe outside of the party! it slipped right off!
  • suddenly someone came into her room
  • So when he told her to put it on, she did! and it fit her!
  • So she was taken to his house. Then they started to date!
  • A couple days later they got engaged.