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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hera sent two witches to prevent Hercules' birth
  • Hera strikes again
  • Alcmene abandons her baby in the woods
  • The young Demi-gods personal problems had began literally at birth as he had already had a hit on him.
  • Hercules' Upbringing
  • Hera's second attempt at trying to kill the baby it took a jurassic turn. For her own safety she sent serpents to kill Hercules in his cradle. Assuming the young god was asleep the unexpected happened, Hercules strangled both of them.
  • Unexpected outburst (doesn't know his own strength)
  • Hercules "was found by the goddess Athena who brought him to Hera, declaring he was an orphan left in the woods who needed nourishment. Hera suckled Hercules at her own breast.The feeding of the child brought Hercules strength and power.
  • He had led a band of Theban warriors to defeat the Minyan
  • Hercules was brought up by his supposed father Amphitryon, where he had the best tutors who taught him how to wrestle, horseback ride, fence and archery.
  • Hercules was unaware of his strength at this point in time causing for him to do more than intended. His intentions were to injure Linus with the lyre not to kill him.
  • Hercules was then sent to tend the flocks to keep him out of trouble and restore order in Thebes.
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