Night conflict
Updated: 12/17/2020
Night conflict

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  • Man vs Self
  • "I began to think of myself again. My foot was aching, I shivered with every step. Just a few more meters and it will be over. I'll fall." (Wiesel 86)
  • Man vs Man
  • "I woke up with a start when I felt two hands on my throat, trying to strangle me. I barely had time to call out "FATHER!" just that one word I was suffocating" (Wiesel 102)
  • Man vs Nature
  • "It snowed on and on. And icy wind was blowing violently." (Wiesel 84+85)
  • As Elie perseveres through the march his foot only worsens. He had frostbite and is in excruciating pain. This is man vs self because he is in his own head, talking to himself and encouraging himself to keep going for if he doesn't he will suffer the consequences.
  • Man vs God
  • "I did not fast. First of all, to please my father who had forbidden me to do so. And then, there was no longer a reason for me to fast. I no longer accepted god's silence." (Wiesel 69)
  • Elie had a scary start to his morning when he woke up be strangled by a stranger. He didn't know why the stranger was strangling him but he didn't have time to ask questions. This is man vs man because he is in physical contact with another human fighting for his life.
  • Man vs Society
  • "You cannot understand. I was saved miraculously. I succeeded in coming back. Where did I get my strength? I wanted to return to Sighet to explain to you my death so that you might ready yourselves while there is still time. Life? I no longer care to live. I am alone. But I wanted to come back to warn you. Only no one is listening to me." (Wiesel 7)
  • When Elie began the march he was freezing off the bat due to the extreme temperatures. The temperature and snow are out of Elie's control making it man vs nature, however, Elie still manages to power through despite the freezing cold.
  • At this point in the book, Elie decided he was no longer going to fast because he had lost all hope in god. This was man vs god because he was questioning his faith and deciding not to fast.
  • In this part of the book, Moishe is coming to warn everyone about what it about to happen. Only nobody is listening to him considering he is a poor man, why would anyone listen to him?
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