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Updated: 2/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Let's go.
  • I need to blend in so I died my skin yellow so I would fit in with the women.
  • I am going to spy on the Aztecs, I am from tlaxcala. I am spying on the Aztecs because they don't let us trade any more.
  • I am just looking at the chinampas, I am going to see if someone is getting sacrificed if you want to come.
  • These are chanpams they grow maze wich is corn.
  • Sure I will come.
  • Hey who are you , you over there.
  • I think someone just got sacrificed. Sacrifice is when they pick a captive and sacrifice it to the gods. 
  • Your right someone did just got sacrificed.
  • This is the Aztec ball game they call it ōllamalitzli. They can't use their hand they can only use their hips, they are trying to get the ball through the hoop.
  • I love this game, I never get to play it though it is only for the nobles.
  • Wait what is this I have never seen it.
  • That is cool.
  • It is the Aztec symbol a eagle sitting on a cactus.
  • I learned all I need about the Aztecs
  • Well I have to get going.
  • BYE!!!