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  • Intro
  • Not before my oldest Katherine is married.
  • Ha that will never happen.
  • We want to marry your daughter Bianca.
  • Act 1
  • Please marry this shrew. She is awful but also rich.
  • Hmm okay I would like a wife with money, I will woo her.
  • Act 2
  • I now pronounce you man and wife
  • She says I do
  • Climax
  • I will not give this to you until you say thank you
  • Petruchio offer learns of kate from his friend Hortencio "Petruchio, shall I then come roundly to thee And wish thee to a shrewd ill-favored wife?". Hortencio also mentions that she is very Rich. Petruchio decides he wants to try to woo and marry Kate to the satisfaction of Bianca's suitors. All of them decide to help him get kate.
  • Falling Action
  • I'm actually Vincentio not a maiden
  • That isn't the sun, It's the moon
  • Katherine and Petruchio are to be married. Putruchio shows up late to the ceremony in clothes that are not appropriate for the occasion. He excuses this by saying "To me she is married, not unto my clothes" (Act 3 Scene 2 line 119), They are married and Petruchio is being rude the whole time and after the ceremony takes Katherine away without even attending the usual dinner after the wedding.
  • Resolution
  • Tell them about wifely duty
  • After much effort from Petruchio to "tame" Katherine, he finally makes a breakthrough. Petruchio had been starving Kate for days and when Grumio doesn't bring Kate food that she had asked for Petruchio comes in with food. He won't give the food to her until she thanks him and tells her "The poorest service is repaid with thanks And so shall mine before you touch the meet" (Act 4 scene 3 line 47). She thanks him and this is the beginning of Katherine starting to obey her husband.
  • Thank you my lord
  • Katherine now obeys everything Petruchio says. When Petruchio and Katherine are on their way to Padua she agrees that "the sun it is not if you say its not" (Act 4 scene 5 line 22). He then convinces her that upon meeting Vincentio that's is a maiden and not a man. All of them together go back to Padua together.
  • Uhh okay I guess
  • All of the characters are together at the wedding banquet and Petruchio Lucentio and Hortencio make a bet on whos wife will come to them when asked. Petruchio wins to everyone's surprise. He tells Kathrine to tell the other women of their wifley duties "Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee..."(Act 5 scene 2 line 163).
  • Your husbands provide for you and keep you safe the least we can do is be loving and obedient
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