Peace of Hearts
Updated: 11/28/2020
Peace of Hearts

Storyboard Text

  • Oh , what do we have here ? A Muslim who claims to seek peace while he is an extremist.
  • Why do you say that. I consider you as a brother.
  • You outsiders come and steal our places in society. Go back we don't need another ISIS to destroy our country .
  • James , STOP IT right there ! What are you saying to your team player Ali?
  • James , we all live on the same land and all has the right to educate, work , be happy and loved . We all believe in God in our own way.
  • If everyone will hate on each other we will not achieve world peace. Let others be and focus on yourself . When there is peace among religions there will be peace in the world.
  • Non Taken.
  • Don't let hate consume you . Our heart beats as one. Shake hands .
  • I am sorry if i offend you Ali.
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