Storyboard - Islam's Beginnings

Updated: 9/14/2020
Storyboard - Islam's Beginnings

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, my name is Muhammad. I'm an orphan and part of the Quraish tribe.
  • I am Muhammad's uncle. I take care of him after the loss of his parents.
  • Mecca, 570 C.E.
  • Let's get married, I'm wealthy and independent.
  • Mecca to Medina, 622 C.E.
  • Alright, I will take that opportunity to contemplate on theology.
  • Recite!
  • Allah.....
  • Mt. Hirah Cave
  • Is he the Messiah?
  • I consider myself to be the prophet of Allah...
  • Mecca
  • Praise Allah!
  • Abu-Bakr shall be the new successor of the Muslim community!
  • Rest in Power,Muhammed.