Unknown Story
Updated: 6/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Crusifixtion
  • Jesus had risen
  • do not worry
  • Jesus returns to the disciples
  • Jesus was been sentenced to death on the cross because the guards thought he was not the son of God.So Jesus accepted the journey but the guards whipped jesus and they put the crown made out of thorns and forced it onto his head.
  • They prayed in a room
  • Once upon a time in the normal life when Jesus was crucified, two lovely girls went up to pray to jesus in his tomb. Soon, they realised that Jesus has risen from his death but before they went to tell the others an angel appeared and told them to not to worry.
  • The tongues of fire
  • 40 days later, after Jesus died, He had told the disciples to wait for a precious gift from God but the disciples didn't believe that he was alive again. After carrying his cross halfway up the mountain, The disciples said, "But Lord, how did you come back alive?" But all he said was wait for a gift from god.
  • All the people how heard the story got baptised
  • So the disciples did what Jesus had said and prayed in a room for a long time. Then a sudden wind rushed through the room and before they knew it, they had tongues of fire rising above their heads. Before they could thank God, they started speaking different languages.
  • Then one of the disciples named Peter thought that the gift that God gave them was to speak to different people and spread the word. So they did. They ran out of their cabin and started speaking but the people thought that they were drunk. Then Peter came out and told a big story to the people, and said, "What can we do to make things right?"
  • Then that day 300 people got baptised that afternoon
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