Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Having tutors has been amazing because they made everything a walk in the park.!!
  • Arriving at university is one of the best and scary moments I have experienced ,that is when a person get to find themselves, Learn responsibilities and self respect. But the lectures that I had really had understanding and real guidance ,which made things easy.
  • Having to change the method of learning from contact to online class has been amazing because everything changes, the method of learning and writing exams.All the responsibilities are now only yours to carry,no one reminds me to do my work but i have to.
  • Always so assessments and Assignment on time because procastination can destroy the little good work I have one ALWAYS, ask where I am lost because keeping quite until last minutes is not a solution. Always have a room to learn new information and lots of rooms for disappointments to gain room for improvement.
  • I Have learned self management. That I have to do everything in a proper and organized way, Reference every information that is not mine that I get to use on another document .How to be a creative thinker and analyzer, be creative in everything I do.
  • How will You implement or use what you learned?
  • I will make sure I hold on to everything that I have learned because I believe every information is so useful, so next year I will apply each and every skills I have learned to each module to make things easier and fun for me, because nothing is as exciting as having things easier to do without thinking hard.