Unknown Story
Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • When the door opened, Anna went through to a wired room with a maths problem written on the screen. She had to get the missing angle from a triangle. The triangle was the Amazon prime logo but split in half.
  • Find X
  • She knew she has to do a negative Sin operation because she did not have the angle. She used the formula . And she got 46.65º which rounds up to 46.7º. So X= 46.7º. She wrote the answer in and a new door opened
  • X
  • o = 3.2cm
  • h=4.4cm
  • When she saw this, Anna was happy because the one thing the properly remembered was SohCahToa, she knew this particular triangle was Soh because she knew the opposite and the Hypotenuse.
  • At this point Anna was feeling pretty confident but then she realized she only had 15 minutes left, the architecture of the escape room was so intresting, she had lost tons of time by just looking at it. She had to hurry and finish the last problem
  • The last problem was placed in a huge room with a huge screen on it, the screen had the instagram logo in it with a problem. She had to find the missing side from a triangle on the corner of the logo.
  • 80º
  • X
  • 60º
  • 7
  • When she finished the problem she placed her answer in and the last door opened, she had completed the escape room on time
  • Then you multiply both sides by sin(80º) which looks like
  • She knew she has to use the sine rule, so she did And then you switch them in order to find the unknown side.
  • And equals to
  • When Anna left whe was really confident and happy. She had realized that she did not suck at maths and she actually kind of liked it. She heades home with a smile on her head and inspired to do her maths homework