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Updated: 5/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • No Freedom!
  • southerners
  • Yay slavery!
  • Keep slavery it's good!
  • I didn't vote for Abe
  • None of us did
  • No supplies for you
  • Now we have nothing, I hate the northeners
  • Haha, nothing for the south
  • Dred Scott v. Sandford: Dred Scott tried to sue his master for freedom but the supreme court reconfirmed lack of civil rights for blacks. Dred Scott could not sue his master because he wasn't a citizen. 
  • I surrender!
  • Give up!
  • The Election of 1860: Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, and Breckenridge all ran for presidency. This made the country split on opinions on slavery. The election of Lincoln without a single southern vote led to the south seceding.
  • Whites
  • I don't want them to have these rights!
  • Whites
  • Anaconda Plan: The union made this plan at the start of the war, they set a blockade and cut off confederates from getting supplies. This led them to struggle to get the guns and ammo and everything else they needed.
  • Blacks
  • Surrender at Appomattox: At a Village in Virginia, General Lee (confederate general) surrendered to the union commanded under General Grant. This ended the war and left the union victorious.
  • Black Codes: Restricting blacks new rights, labors contracts, curfews, and marriage laws.
  • Yay our rights and all this nice stuff, but I want them in full strength!
  • Blacks
  • Jim Crow Laws: legislation was passed in southern states after reconstruction ended to keep the whites and the blacks separated from each other.
  • Whites
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