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Andrew Rathburn Romulus and Remus Story
Updated: 11/20/2019
Andrew Rathburn Romulus and Remus Story
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  • One day the good king of the land, Numitor, was overthrown by his evil brother Amulius. Amulius took the throne and was a very bad king.
  • Amulius got a prophecy saying that Numitor's daughter, Rhea Silvia, would have children that would overthrow him. So Amulius made Rhea Silvia a vestal virgin so she couldn't have kids.
  • But Rhea Silvia did end up having twins and named them Romulus and Remus but, unfortunately, was buried alive for doing so. The kids were supposed to be killed, but instead they were put in the Tiber River and later picked up by a she-wolf.
  • The boys grew up with the wolves and were later taken in by a family. They then helped return cattle to a farmer who happened to be their grandfather, Numitor. Then all 3 of them teamed up and planned to get rid of Amulius.
  • Romulus and Remus got rid of Amulius and put Numitor back on the throne. Then they decided to build a city at the spot where the she-wolf had found them.
  • After the city was built, Romulus and Remus fought and fought over who would become the king. The fight ended in Romulus killing Remus and so Romulus became the king of the city. He then named the city Rome which came from his name.
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