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Updated: 11/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • One day in the forest, there was a child named Sprin and his mother name Arthusa
  • Sprin a spin and then bring!
  • What are you doing in my territory!
  • In the river, Arthusa take her son in the river to take a bath, but a man named Alpheus came and ask them
  • Alpheus camed her son to the ground and save his breath . Arthusa humedly came to her son
  • Sprin!!!
  • while Arthusa explaining  to Alpheus, her son came to the side where the cliff are and under of it is a river too
  • Sprin fell to the cliff because of the shout of her mother, Alpheus gave her help but in one condition, she is scared so she agree to Alpheus
  • Sprin! Sprin!
  • I help you in one condition, you will marry me
  • We have an agreement, and I want to say that your future husband is the God of river
  • Sprin you scared me!
  • Arthusa fell in love in Alpheus after saving her son. They marry each other under the blessing of the God and Goddesses of the forest . and they live a happy family in the forest
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