The waifustory
Updated: 3/9/2021
The waifustory

Storyboard Text

  • The wife couldn't believe what had happened. She foreshadowed an event that was very shocking to her and seemed unreal to her. She hoped it was all a dream. She saw what happened to her husband as a tragedy.
  • When she was younger, she encountered someone that would in the future be her husband. She thought he was so kind and caring. She had him stay over which led to her sister leaving. She and her husband had lodge meetings and loved when he sang.
  • People would say that he was cursed because of his blood and the moon. Strange things were said of his father. The wife's husband would go out to "hunt" and she noticed he was different; even his voice was. She didn't pay it much mind since he is very responsible.
  • After he got home, the wife noticed a strong smell that was awful. Their youngest daughter seemed afraid of the father and came running to her mother for comfort. The mother scolded her, but had her suspicions as well.When the wife went to sleep that night, something woke her up and she noticed that her husband wasn't there.
  • She went to the entryway and noticed her husband standing under the moon. He lost all his hair and turned into a human. He turned on the wife by picking up a branch and throwing it at their home after the children woke. Her sister came rushing and before he could attack her, the wife charged at the husband. He ran off into the hills and the sister and wife followed.
  • The husband went into an open field and the sister sunk her teeth into his throat killing him. The wife hoped he would turn back, but he didn't. The children cowered in fear and cried. The sister was also trying to get the taste out her mouth.