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Updated: 5/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Water from the ocean Evaporates
  • 85% of evaporation occurs between the ocean and the atmosphere
  • Hi, Let me tell you about the water cycle.
  • Here you can see the next step in the cycle which is transpiration and condensation.
  • The cycle is completed as water vapor in the atmosphere condenses and forms
  • water vapor is released by plants during transpiration,which is evaporation
  • Sir Lady Bug: Here you can see the end of the water cycle. Precipiation( rain) becomes run off and repeats the cycle.
  • carbon cycle
  • what's that
  • I know, it's the carbon cycle
  • most people think of carbon as carbon dioxide. CO2 is produced when it combines with oxygen
  • Not all carbon molecules move freely through the cycle. Areas that storecarbon over a long period of time are called carbon sinks.
  • Carbon is returned to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide by respiration orthrough the decomposition of dead organisms.
  • Carbon is turned into CO2 and changes as it interacts with different molecules
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