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Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Maybe she is better than us.
  • You might be right. She sure fights better. She has more control over her spirit animal, she's rich, she's prettier, and her dad is a general.
  • I get it. I'm the black sheep. Why are you always pressuring me?
  • We're all on the same team. Whatever her background, Meilin joined he Greencloaks just like me.
  • I wouldn't know much about consciences. My mother didn't teach me much before she abandoned me.
  • That pressure you feel is called a conscience.
  • Look, my terrible childhood is all I've got! Don't yo dare try to top it.
  • My father rented me as a servant to pay his debts.
  • You never saw my father in a foul mood. But yeah, I guess you win.
  • It's nice to win at something