The tell tale heart
Updated: 6/4/2020
The tell tale heart

Storyboard Text

  • Hi i am the Narrator , you might think i am crazy but I will prove you wrong. I am very nervous but I will tell you my tale.
  • You see, I loved the old man, he had done nothing wrong to me, i desired nothing from him but it was his eye, it looked like a vultures eye.
  • So every night at midnight , I quietly krept into his room and wached him sleep. I did this for seven long nights at midnight
  • On the eighth night my luck had run out, that night the old man stirred in his bed. As I opened the door I quickly retreated just enough so that i could see his vulture eye and opened the lattern to see it.
  • That same night, after watching him sleep for a while, I jumped out and scared the old man and dragged him to the floor and through the bed on him crushing him to death
  • There was a knock on the door and the police entered the building saying that someone heard something come from this house . Once i convinced them nothing happend , I couldn't help any longer so I shouted "villians dissemble no more I admit the deed tear up the planks here here.