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Updated: 1/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • George Washinton event #1:
  • Thomas Jefferon event #1
  • George Washington event #2
  • Washington chose Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. In the text it states" In 1789 their was 3 departments and Washington chose one of each office. He chose one of each to see both opinions
  • Thomas Jefferson event #2
  • The election of 1800. Federalists supported president Adam but the republicans nominated Thomas Jefferson. This means it was a really close battle against Adams
  • James Madison event #1
  • Washington stays neutral during the war during the war going on with Europe. on page 272 it says when Britian and France went to war some Americans chose Frances side others chose Britians side but Washington chose to not be in either this means he wanted to stay neutral and not be in the war at all
  • Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana purchase. Jefferson worried such a large purchase, Jefferson decided the government treaty-making powers allowed the purchase of new land. This explains that he was hesitant ant first but agreed in the end
  • Problems with the native Americans caused a broken treaty. On page 311 Madison received news of the settlers taking their land that was assured to them. This would lead to a big fight with the natives
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