Commercial script 1 minute
Updated: 3/10/2021
Commercial script 1 minute

Storyboard Text

  • Well she's having a rough time. Maybe I'll go talk to her.
  • I am sick and tired of these stores when they overprice things like these when they're are a necessity right now.
  • Hey there, seems your having a bad day. I just wanted to ask what the problem is so I can help you fix it.
  • Yeah the problem is that they are over pricing the things I need to protect myself during quarantine.
  • This product is what you call a kovi-kit and you can get it from this company named Vitalium. Also with a pretty cool logo.
  • Thios is nice
  • Introduction
  • This kit has dispoasable masks, handsanitizer, door opener, disposable gloves and more.
  • It is a lightweight bag, inexpensive, it is like a buy and go product, most of what is inside is diposable.
  • All of those products in a kit for cheap surprising.
  • That is literally the things I was trying to order in the store!
  • The Protection Problem
  • Where can you get this from?
  • You can get this product from their website and email them if you need assistance.
  • Company Name
  • We are also a Junior Achievement Company.
  • We donate to the Covid relief fund.
  • Do you donate to anyone?
  • Description of the product and list the 3 benefits
  • Say where to get the product and ask viewers to buy it
  • Mention that you are a JA company and the charity this business donates to.