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Updated: 2/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Assignment Day
  • I want to help Ember fat man.
  • Message Full Of Holes
  • What are you eating.
  • In this scene lina and Doon get Assigned their first job.Lina gets pipe works labour and she is disappointed. Doon gets messenger and throws a huge temper tantrum.they decide to switch jobs in secret. I chose to include this scene because if they didn’t trade Doon would not discover the locked door and Lina would not get to run around the town.
  • The Locked Door
  • Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • In this part of the novel Lina discovers Poppy is eating scrambled paper out of a locked box. She decides to puzzle the pieces of paper back together to see if she can read any words. She thinks that the note is about a door in the Pipeworks. This scene is important to the story because if Lina didn’t discover the paper she wouldn't ask Doon about the pipeworks.
  • Perdicdton
  • We need a key.
  • In this scene Lina and Doon find a roped tunnel with a locked door and there trying to get in that door.I consider this to be an important event because they need to find a way to get out of Ember,and the door might help them escape.
  • I think that at the end of the novel Lina,Doon and the citizens of Ember find a way out of Ember.The person who opened it had a key for the door that they found in the pipeworks and it's gonna be a magical door that holds a train. That leaves out of Ember.
  • I need a key.