Morgan's Comic Strip Project
Updated: 5/13/2020
Morgan's Comic Strip Project
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  • Silly Mr.Whiskers is stuck in jail again. If he jumps onto the top bunk, he can climb out the window and escape. First he has to calculate how far he needs to jump.
  • Mr. Whiskers knows that the bed is 6 feet tall. He will jump at a 50 degree angle. How far does he need to jump?
  • Answer: He needs to jump 7.8 feet
  • Answer: He needs to jump at a 48.2 degree angle
  • Oh no! Now Mr. Whiskers is stuck on the roof! He will jump through the open window at a point that is 4 feet above him. He will jump 6 feet. What angle does he need to jump at?
  • I'm finally safe! But now I'm hungry.
  • Answer: Mr. Whiskers has to jump 2.5 feet
  • Mr. Whiskers is 2 feet higher than the mouse. He is looking down at a 36 degree angle of depression. How far does he need to jump?
  • Mr. Whiskers wants to know how far down he has to step. He knows that each stair is 11 inches long and the angle of elevation from the edge of one step to the top of the next is 38 degrees.
  • I need to leave this place before I get caught!
  • Now I'm free! Hopefully I won't have to go to jail again.
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