Trophic Structure of ecosystem

Updated: 11/14/2020
Trophic Structure of ecosystem

Storyboard Text

  • Hi ! I am the sun, I am in charge of giving energy to the plant over there.
  • Hello, I am the plant, the producer. I make food by photosynthesis. I know that you think I'm beautiful but this beauty will fade eventually.
  • HI ! I am Bunny, the primary consumer. I am a herbivore. I need to eat the producer beside to continue the energy cycle.
  • I am Cobra, the secondary consumer. I am a carnivore. Bunny here needs to sacrifice because the energy cycle needs to keep going, it will never do itself.
  • You thought you're stronger than me, Cobra ? I am Eagle, the tertiary consumer. I am definitely a carnivore. This is a battle to live. Cobra should sacrifice.
  • Hi ! I am Coyote, a scavenger. I eat dead animals and plants. I see Eagle attacking Cobra over there. I hope there's left out of cobra or maybe wait for Eagle to die. I need energy to run errands !
  • Many hours later...
  • Hello ! I am worm, a decomposer. I eat the remains of a dead animal to bring back the energy through the soil. I am needed to continue the energy cycle. You know, animals have to sacrifice their life for others to gain energy... That is life. And we will die anyways. No one lives forever.