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Updated: 1/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha Gautama was born as the son of the king. He was prophesied to become either a powerful ruler, or a very holy man. The king wanted hime to become a very powerful ruler, like his father before him.
  • His father gave him all of the treasures he could've ever wanted so when he was older he would want to still have what he did when he was young. He was grateful, but he didn't truly want it all.
  • When he got older he left the palace walls. He saw a starving, dying, and diseased man. He wanted to end all of their suffering. He decided to stop taking and physical comfort, including food and shelter.
  • The Buddha realized that it was not healthy to deprive himself of all comfort. He meditated and reached complete enlightenment or Nirvana.
  • Right View~Right Intentions~Right Speech~ Right Actions~Right Livelyhood~Right Effort~Right Mindfulness~ Right Concentration
  • Life is suffering~Suffering comes from wants and desires~Eliminate wants to attain Nirvana (enlightenment)~Follow the "Eight-fold Path"
  • He dedicated his life to teach people how to end all suffering. He created the four noble truths. He also taught the eight basic paths that lead to happiness.
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Eight Basic Paths
  • Because of the promise of the ending of suffering, people were drawn to Buddhism. Buddhism is mainly about being happy with what you have, and not longing for something else. I think a lot of people liked that. Buddhism would not have been possible without hinduism's tolerance policy. Hinduism is a much older religion that also originated from india. Buddhism what formed because Hindu people are very tolerant of other religions.
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