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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • give me your seat
  • i will not give you my seat
  • i have a dream
  • we want voting rights
  • montgamery bus dec 1955 to 1956 rosa parks declined to ive her seat up for a white man that started the first large scale of demonstration aganst segretion
  • i wanna vote like the others
  • march on washington agust 1963 250,000 people and king jr marched for jobs and freedom
  • vot for me!!!!
  • selma march march 7,1965 600 civil rights marchers were attcked and forced back into slema led to the passage of voting rights
  • stop racism
  • millon man march oct 16 1995 1.1 million men marched so they can vote
  • obamas campaign tuesday november 6 2012 the sme day the death of asmalin obama made his poltic known
  • blac live mater july 13 2013 black people capigns aginst vilnce to stop racism