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Updated: 6/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Enzo is an ordinary dog who spends his days observing the life of his owner, Denny. He has a light color of fur and loves to ride with Denny in his racecars. He watches Denny's life develop as a racecar driver and he watches the family grow. He eventually becomes a very important character in the story because he can smell Denny's wife's brain cancer and helps Denny with his child-custody problems with his in-laws.
  • Denny's job as a racecar driver obviously takes place at the race tracks. While his owner rides around the tracks, Enzo usually relaxes and watches him ride. Sometimes he even gets to ride with Denny! They both spend a lot of time together at the tracks.
  • My reading at home has mostly just been me in my room. My cat will sometimes sit on the bed with me, but she never really lets us pet her so she just keeps me company.