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Updated: 12/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Emperors in Medieval Japan
  • They wanna plan an attack on us
  • we can finally relax.
  • Shoguns
  • Daiymo
  • We need more samurai's to protect familes and loved ones
  • The Emperors are the rulers of japan they are in a group in the medieval japan but then their power was decreased and shoguns and other protectors became very powerful
  • Samurai
  • if u do not listen their will be consequences
  • Shoguns protected and controlled the emperor
  • peasants
  • i need a break i have been farming none stop
  • i agree.
  • Daiymo's would hire Samurai's to work and protect families and property
  • Clan members
  • The daiymo's would hire people to become samurai's to protect families and property
  • no sir... fine
  • fine
  • we need u guys to become samurai's dont argue with us and listen
  • Peasants were farmers they made silk,paper and pottery
  • Clan members were looked down of since they didnt do much to help the society
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