Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The Letter
  • Mebla Entering Cetral High School
  • Mebla Meets Friends
  • White men dressed in black hats approached grandmas house delivering a letter for to the family. Grandma answered the door with her gun demanding the men outside to identify them selves and what is their business here. The white men had a message from the president of the united states and was telling them they are safe to go back to school and there would be a solder with MElba at school.
  • Wednesday Sep25th at 8 a.m Mabla saw about 50 uniformed soldiers of the 101st. When Mabla was entering Central High School she forgot to go back and comfort Mother Lois. When Mabla was in school her body guard was Danny. Danny help Mabla who to get around school and protect mabla. When the group of boys came to mabla and sack her stuff out of her hand Danny said to not move.
  • As I entered the cafeteria we were greeted with name calling and a lunch line that was really long. I did notice some people smiling at us, they weren't white people, they were black ladies serving food, I was so excited to see them and see them smiling at us. We finally got our food and were invited to sit with some other girls, they were white girls being nice to us. It was nice to have a moment in this school day to sit and be able go talk to someone and not have to worry. Before I knew it lunch was over and I had to now go to gym class.