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Updated: 7/19/2020
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Storyboard Description

It is about 2 girls getting trapped in a world made of candy. Their friends in the candy world help them after one of them gets possessed by one of her wicked ancestors, Dark Licorice. she is an evil ancestor. The other girl gets possessed by Red Licorice on purpose. Red Licorice is a good ancestor, Dark Licorice's sister. Red Licorice is the only person that can stop dark Licorice, as they are ghosts now. After being possessed they returned to their home with Dark Licorice defeated. they also found out they were part candy!

Storyboard Text

  • History projects are so hard. Any ideas sis.
  • Let's go to the library. That might help us
  • Nothing. Hey, whats that. On the Tv.
  • It looks like a portal, wanna go in it.
  • Who are you?
  • What are we doing here. why are we in a cage.
  • Please let us out!
  • Wow, she's really sensitive
  • Hahaha. Their already in the cage. Hahaha.
  • I'm glad we escaped the cage. Candy canes are easy to break through
  • Yeah. This factory is cool but it looks pretty old. Ah , Ghosts
  • No, I'm the oldest! Ugh. Anyways I'm Red Licorice. And yes we are ghosts
  • I'm Dark Licorice, the oldest of us two sisters
  • I only like the dark
  • This place is giving me thecreeps. Let's move
  • Hi, I'm Michelle
  • I'm Emily
  • I can't see a thing
  • Good
  • Oh no, She is going to possess Michelle. See her eyes
  • To Be Continued...
  • How can we stop her!
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