Melissa's story
Updated: 1/25/2020
Melissa's story
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  • 1979 was a year full of ups and downs for me. I'm Melissa and I was a single parent of one son until three years ago. When I married the love of my life. I am currently pregnant with a baby girl who I can't wait to raise. I work a vast amount of hours working resulting with me not spending time with my now five year old son. In addition , I'm currently pregnant with a girl who is due anytime now.
  • Usually I come home from work and watch the television with my son. To learn current affairs happening around the world. Today however China's leader was on the television this was fairly odd because he rarely appears on the television. After numerous deep breaths he begins to say " I am here today regarding a new policy i have installed. I have installed one child policy due to the rapid population growth taking place recently. In addition , to that new adoption centers have opened ready to take in children. Thank you for understanding I will have to take my leave now. “
  • One hour after the news became public my parents came bustling in to discuss the plan . This past hour I had experienced different emotions and recently I've been feeling very guilty of my decision however It's the right thing to do In this case scenario. I proceeded to tell them that I was going to send my newborn to a adoption center since my son has already gown up with me. I just hope my newborn is raised by a great and loving family.
  • After going through horrible pain regarding the awful news I decided to rest. After a split second I started to feel baby signs. The baby was going to come any time soon from all the pain I have been receiving recently. Just then something out of the blue happened .
  • After nine long months my baby girl finally set foot in the world. I was overjoyed to see her but It was not so long before I say goodbye to her.  My parents and family all met her before she was due in the adoption center. My first and last time holding her I thought. If only I could raise her alongside my son this would be true miracle I thought.
  •  Something then hit me a possible solution however it was impossible with our leader. He has all the power and If one thing upsets him you’ll be executed.  This solution is to eliminate the one child policy and instead charge fines for each baby after a couple has already had one child. This will not only give China money I thought but the people in China will be happy and families will reunite.
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