Immune system comic strip Pt.2

Updated: 3/27/2021
Immune system comic strip Pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • No Antonio you are not going to die.
  • That's great!
  • So, Antonio the first line of defence in this case would be your skin since it is a external(broad) defence. The thing is that the mosquito has just trasspassed that berrier.
  • After the first line of defence has been trespassed, the second line of defence enters with its patrolling cells and inflammatory response which will increase the body temperature, also known as a fever which is what you are currently experiencing.
  • The doctor explains that there exist 3 lines of defense of the immune system and that this mosquito trespassed 2 of the 3. Also that this mosquito is called Dengue, and is the most common around this time of the year. But Antonio wanted to know more about the 3 lines of defense, so the doctor explained.
  • The third line of defence consists on the Humoral Response, which contains lymphocytes such as the B-Cells, and the Cell-Mediaed response, which contains lymphocytes such as T-Cells.
  • The doctor explains to Antonio about the first line of defense which is part of the innate immunity meaning that it is non-specific which attacks/kills everything or anything on its path. on the other hand, the adaptive immunity attacks specific things and remembering them for later.
  • In the Humoral Response, the B-Cells produce antibodies against the Dengue antigens, while the T-Cells, are cells in the Cell Mediated response, designated to attack the cells that were infected by Dengue.
  • Antonio has been introduced to the second line of defense, with all this information he is now more claimed. But he still wants to hear the rest of the explanation of what has happened to him.
  • Have a good day, take good care!
  • You too, thank you for everything.
  • Lastly, the doctor explained the third and last line of defense to Antonio.
  • To end the doctor's appointment the doctor made some facts of the third line of defense clearer.
  • The appointment ended and after some days of taking good care of himself, he got better.