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Updated: 10/6/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Why are they passing this crazy Currency Act of 1764?
  • I'm pretty sure it is because England thinks since we are making our own money that we don't value it & they don't like that.
  • Mom, how are we going to be able to pay for everything we need if we can rarely get money from England and they won't let us make our own money anymore?
  • I don't know son, your dad and I will figure something out hopefully. This is so dumb on England's part!!
  • Good evening sir, I've heard word going around about the new act England is passing. Do you know what exactly it means for us?
  • The act stated you can’t print and use your own money, it has to come from the crown in England.
  • This act is making money so scarce because it is so hard to get money over here from England.
  • I know... it is leading some people to go into debt because they can't pay for the goods they need because there isn't enough money around to pay for it.
  • I guess our only option is trade now since we are short on money.
  • Guess so. I'm still furious about the act being passed though.
  • I wonder what insane act will be passed next by England.
  • Who knows. Maybe they'll pass one that helps us out a little bit this time!
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