Unknown Story
Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Act 3 scene 1
  • "To be or not to be that is the question"
  • Act 3 scene 3
  • "Now might I do it, now he is praying, and now I'll do 't. And so he goes to heaven, and so i am revenged . That would be scanned:"
  • "Forgive me my foul murder"? "That cannot be, since I am still possessed"
  • Act 3 scene 4
  • "I do repent; but heaven hath pleased it so To punish me with this and this with me;"
  • O Hamler, thou has cleft my heart in twain!
  • "O, I am slain!"
  • In the beginning of this scene Hamlet is considering suicide once again but is afraid because he doesn't know what will come after being dead.
  • Hamlet is ready to kill Claudius but he remembers that if he is to kill him while he is praying, then he will go to heaven. Hamlet decides to wait to kill him until he sins so that he can guarantee him going into hell. 
  • Hamlet arrives to speak with his mother and decides to criticize her violently for what she has done causing her to scream for help, which Polonius comes and gets stabbed by Hamlet to death.