The Hidden Kingdom
Updated: 8/25/2018
The Hidden Kingdom
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  • " You're stupid!" Scarlett said as she pushed Rose into the sandbox. "You're the meanest person I've ever met!" Rose yelled. She got out of the sandbox and ran away crying.
  • After school, Rose ran into her room, upset about her day. "I wish I could just live in my own world! " She cried to herself, "I wish we never moved here! There are boxes everywhere and nobody likes me!" After sitting on her bed for a while, Rose had an idea. "I'll just build my own world with all of these boxes," she thought.
  • As she built with the boxes, her imagination took off. They transformed into castles and villages. Suddenly, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. "Hi, I'm Claire!" A small fairy said, "Welcome to Flowershade!"
  • " We need your help!" Claire continued," A dragon has taken over the kingdom and you're the only person brave enough to fight it!" "You want me?" Rose exclaimed. "Yes, now hurry, we need to prepare you for battle!" Claire and Rose rushed to a blacksmith in the village.
  • "Are you sure I'm ready for this?" Rose asked. She didn't want to fight anything. "I can barely stand up to the bully at school. How can I fight a gigantic dragon?" "Everything will be alright," Claire said, " You just have to have the courage to stand up for yourself."
  • "I'm not scared of you! I can do anything I put my mind to!" Rose yelled, mainly for her own benefit, as she went forward to face the dragon. He towered over her, making her feel like an ant. As the dragon stepped forward, Rose noticed him whimper slightly. Then, she noticed something sticking out of its paw. "Is that a thorn?" Rose asked the dragon. The dragon slowly nodded his head.
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