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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Alexander Hamilton  was for federal he wanted a strong federal government he did not like states power. It is said from him a Perfect union would be one with no states.
  • Alexander Hamilton's view on State V. Federal Power
  • Thomas Jefferson's view on State V. Federal Power
  • Thomas Jefferson had a different view he had it for the states. And he believes that they should have even more power if not it would seem right and if it did have a weak central government it would probably get ran over and U.S. and it's people would not get respect that should be given
  • Alexander Hamilton and the federalists to create a bank because they thought it was a way to stablilize the nation and it's credit. It would help our government loans and taxes.
  • Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans oppositon of the bank violated the consitiution and as the creation of the bank the federal government had no expressed powers.
  • National Capital in now in Washington D.C.
  • Thomas Jefferson hosted a dinner party and Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James madison were all there. Hamilton was a Federalist. The other two are Democratic republicans. They needed to fix the assumption issue . That was to pay of the states debt.
  • Residents Act
  • This is the Cabinet Battle Part 1