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Updated: 2/26/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Lewis is chosen by Thomas Jefferson to go on an expedition and ask his army friend William Clark to join. He accept the offer.
  • I'm going to send this to Clark to see if he wants to join my expedition to find a water path from the U.S. to the Pacific Ocean
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out on their journey with about 40 other men to find a water route from the US to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lewis and Clark find many other tribes and comes along to a french man with a 17 year old wife that is pregnant named Sacagawea. The both join the expedition.
  • Join our expedition and help us out. Also bring along your pregnant wife.
  • Yeah, alright. Nothing bad should happen.
  • On their expedition, Lewis and Clark pass through many places and meet many different tribes. While on their trip they run into Sacagawea's brother who is now the chief of his tribe. Her brother also gave her horses for the expedition.
  • Brother!!!
  • Lewis and Clark travel and they come across a horrible cold winter. Them and their crew suffer from many conditions including hunger, frostbite, exhaustion, etc.
  • We are going to freeze out here!
  • Stay strong Clark, we will survive this.
  • After Lewis and Clark complete their expedition, they wait for winter to pass before heading back home. They live successful lives until Lewis passes away from gun shot wounds 2 years after the expedition. Sacagwea died two years after Lewis and Clark became her sons gaurdian.
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