Unknown Story
Updated: 1/24/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Voices
  • Charlie, what do you hear coming from that photograph?
  • I hear...voices.
  • Endowed
  • What does that even mean??
  • Since you hear pictures, that means you are endowed.
  • Sent Away
  • Is this really the school I was sent to???
  • This place is HUGE...
  • ...and pretty spooky...
  • A boy named Charlie Bone starts to hear voices coming from photographs. His grandmother is curious, and almost mad, as to why he is hearing voices from photos.
  • The Truth
  • *Note: read this panel from right to left*
  • I KNEW they were hiding something from me!
  • Charlie, you've been told by your aunts that your father died in a car crash...
  • His aunts come over after hearing the news from his grandmother. They inform him that he is 'endowed'. However, Charlie is suspicious of how displeased his aunts are upon hearing of his power.
  • An Unwelcome Surprise
  • I work here, Charlie. My question is; why are YOU in such a hurry to leave?
  • Wait, what are YOU doing here?!
  • Charlie is sent to a special school for the endowed called Bloor's Academy. Most of the students there also have powers, just like Charlie. His aunts seemed all too happy to send him away, though...
  • Questions
  • Argh...I need to find out what they are planning...before it's too late!
  • Charlie decided to look around the school, and evetually found a photograph of a man. That man told him the deep, dark truth of his father's death.
  • That must be why they sent me here in such a hurry!
  • ...but really it was THEM who orchestrated the murder.
  • Charlie tries to go home and confront his aunts about what the photograph had said to him, but he finds one of his aunts much sooner than expected. To Charlies unfortunate luck, his aunt is employed at Bloor's!
  • *Note: read this panel from right to left*
  • It's awfully late to be wandering around the halls. You seem so frantic, too.
  • Charlie starts to wonder what his aunt's true intentions are for him. He also starts to wonder what really happens to the students who go to Bloor's Academy. What mysteries does the school hold?
  • What other secrets do they not want me to find out? And why won't they let me leave?
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