Unknown Story

Updated: 10/15/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi there. I'm Maya!
  • The Move This is Maya. She moved with her family from Kazakhstan to the U.S. for economical reasons.
  • I should translate differently.. Maybe he won't be as mad as he would if he knew the truth.
  • The Fight One day Maya's little brother got into a scuffle and Maya, since she's responsible for him, was needed at the principals office to translate what happened to their dad.
  • Accidental lift Maya really loves gymnastics and has been practicing that for a while. So, a couple of days had past after the scuffle and something even worse happened. A boy was playing around and tried to lift Maya to show how strong he is. That moment, her dad happened to pass by and saw them. He got very angry and yelled at her. He thought she was being very inappropriate and punished her for that.
  • Leg hurt Later on the story, Maya's mom hurt her leg so Maya had to replace her at work, cook every day, go to school and do her homework. This, also, made the girl quit gymnastics and she felt really tired and unwell.
  • Yes you may go, darling.
  • Realization After everything that Maya had been through, her parents finally realized that she is just a girl doing what every teenager does. So they let her go to the prom that she really wanted. Making mistakes is part of the prosses and that's why her mom gave her the golden bracelet she had worn at the school dance, as an allowance.
  • Prom Maya went to the prom with her date, Daniel and her dear brother as a chaperone...The End