Legacy Of Rome
Updated: 1/7/2021
Legacy Of Rome

Storyboard Text

  • The Impact of Roman Culture
  • Sed laboravi in tribus diebus !!
  • But I worked for three days!!
  • Hoc est iniuriam
  • This is wrong.
  • Architectural and Engineering Feats
  • Why so many arches?
  • Cur tot arcus?
  • Et nunc ad vos aquam perduxit !
  • I present to you, an aqueduct!
  • Contributions to Religion and Law
  • And accepted Christianity.
  • Et qui christianitatem.
  • We have created new laws...
  • Novas leges qui creavit nos...
  • Roman Culture left us many things that we can still see today including mosiac pictures, Stoicism, and the language Latin.
  • Roman engineering with arches served as a model for many future architectural developments.
  • Romans embraced Christianity and created a system of laws that became the structure for many present laws.
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