The Boy with The Catapult
Updated: 7/21/2020
The Boy with The Catapult
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This story is written by the author, Bhisham Sahni (1915-2003). He was an Indian author who got very famous from his novel and television screenplay, Tamas, which looks into the partition of India in a detailed, passionate and powerful way. He was awarded Padma Bhushan for literature in 1998, and Satya Akademi Fellowship in 2002. 'The Boy With The Catapult' talks about the change in the behavior of Bodh Raj from being violent to an unviolent person. This story teaches us about the importance of playing not violent games and playing games at a moderate level.

Storyboard Text

  • I had changed my residence as my dad had gotten a promotion. It was an old style bungalow in the outskirts of the city.
  • It was a very big place but I found it really empty. There were many animals and birds in our basement and around our house.
  • He found it a really good hunting place as there were many animals and birds.
  • As being far from the city, my friends would seldom visited me. But there was one exception, Bodh Raj.
  • My mother was never happy with my friendship with Bodh Raj. But, she knew that I was lonely and needed someone`s company. So, she tolerated it.
  • Bodh Raj was a very callous boy. He was one of oddest boys then. People believed he was stronger than a snake`s venom. Even his mother would call him a 'rakshasan'. He used to always carry a catapult and some stones with him
  • I am going to that forest. I saw a few birds and mangoes there.
  • Not again, Bodh Raj....
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