The Creepy Night

Updated: 9/17/2020
The Creepy Night

Storyboard Text

  • Halloween Dream
  • Kandessas gone! how?
  • We love you too Ruby darling
  • Muum, daaaad, I aam heere
  • I love you mum and dad
  • Because Halloween is coming soon I have decided to create a horror story. It all starts when Ruby visits her sick grandma at the hospital. Ruby's grandma gave her a gift, a little doll called kandessa,. Kandessa was cute and all until one night........
  • One night Kandessa was gone from the shelf, and Ruby didn't know how that happened, because she had no siblings who would take it. Ruby decided to pay a visit to her parents in their bedroom to ask if they took her doll.
  • I am the doll?! You are the doll. I 'll tell mum and dad about your malicious game. MUUUM
  • Kandessa was there in the parents bedroom, sitting on the bed talking to them. 'I love you mum and dad' Ruby heard Kandessa say 'we love you too Ruby' she also heard her parents say to the doll. 'Mum, dad' yelled Ruby 'that's the doll, I am here' but they never responded. Kandessa turned to Ruby and grinned maliciously.
  • Why can't you see or hear me?
  • What? I can. You are just having a bad dream, Halloween dream darling
  • Ruby returned to her room frightened. There she found her parents putting Kandessa to bed. 'Mum, dad' yelled Ruby 'what's going on?' Ruby's parents tucked the doll in and left the room as if Ruby was invisible; they just could not see her. Ruby fell to her knees in shock and sadness.
  • What are you doing?' yelled Ruby, 'What do you mean?' replied Kandessa 'But, How can you talk? Dolls don't talk' she said to Ruby. 'I am the doll? You are the doll' yelled Ruby, 'I will tell mum and dad about your malicious game.' 'MUM, DAD, MUM, DAD, MUM, DAD' Ruby kept yelling on top of her voice, but they were not responding. Kandessa still had the malicious grin.
  • What are you doing?
  • What do you mean? But how can you talk? Dolls don't talk!
  • 'Wake up Ruby, Ruby wake up darling', breathing heavily Ruby wakes up crying. She looked at her mum and said 'Why can't you see or hear me?' 'What?' replied the mum in her gentle voice 'I can, you are just having a bad dream, Halloween dream darling'. Ruby turned to look at the shelf, and Kandessa was still there not having moved. With a sigh of relief Ruby said 'Breakfast time mum'. As she was leaving the room, Ruby turned to look at the doll. To her horror, she had the same malicious grin from the dream.
  • Breakfast time mum
  • Wake up Ruby, wake up darling