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Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Here Roderigo take this and wait for Cassio!
  • Haha we are not done yet! 
  • You thought you could kill me, but your wrong! Ah gotcha
  • DId I hear Cassio cry? Sweet my plan is coming together..
  • Ah die!
  • In a street, Iago gives Roderigo a weapon and tells Roderigo to wait for Cassio. Therefore, when you see him, kill Cassio.
  • I promise you I did nothing!
  • Cassio shows up and start fighting. 
  • *gasp! Desdemona?
  • Roderigo attempted to kill, but failed. Roderigo ended up wounded by Cassio. This causes Iago to jump in, stab Cassio and leave. Othello then heard Cassio cry and then assumes that Cassio is dead. Othello leaves to continue his plan. Gratiano and Lodovico are looking to see where everyone is. Iago shows up again and acts like he doesn't know what is happening. Iago stabs Roderigo again. Bianca arrives and worries about Cassio, but Iago tried blaming her by saying she did this. Gratiano and Lodovico takes Cassio away to get him treated. This happened in the dark, therefore Iago wounds Cassio and kills Roderigo so he can continue with his plan.
  • Oh Murder!
  • Othello enters their bedroom with a candle and sees Desdemona sleeping. Desdemona wakes up and Othello wants her to confess her sins. He tells her he is going to kill her. Desdemona said she never did anything wrong. Othello then smothers her.
  • Emilia comes running in to see Desdemona. Othello tells Emilia that Desdemonia had an affair with Cassio.
  • Iago, Montano, and Gratiano came into the room. Othello tried to attack Iago, but couldn't. Iago stabs Emilia because she got angry at Iago. Othello then stabs Iago. Othello says a few words then stabs himself too. Lodovico brings the blame on Iago. Everyone dies, but Lodovico, Montano, Cassio, Bianca, and Iago still lives.
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