Taro's Reward

Taro's Reward
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  • He is young Wood Cutter Named TAROLived with his mother and father
  • Taro's Father said felt very cold"I wish I had a cup of sake; It would warm me and old heart good.
  • Taro's mother
  • Next morning Taro jumped early in bed and Ahead to the forest .He chopped and cut. As the sun climbed soon he feel so warm. He take of his jacket and His mouth was dry and his face was sweat.
  • Suddenly Taro stopped chopping .What was that sound he heard?
  • Taro could not remember ever seeing or hearing a rushing stream in that part of forest 
  • Taro saw a beautiful little waterfall hidden behind a rock.
  • He was thirsty . The Axe dropped out of his hands and he ran in the direction of sound
  • He kneeling at a place where the water flowed quietly.He cupped a little in his hands and lips
  • Was it water? Or it sake?
  • The old man was delighted with the sake
  • Taro quickly filled the pitcher he had with him and hurried home.
  • One Swallow of the liquid he stopped shivering and did a little dance in the middle of the floor
  • Next day morning all his neighbours there before him,They carrying jars,buckets to hold the magic sake
  • Taro father politely offer cup of sake.The lady drank greedily and thanked old man and she spread the story whole village
  • The villager start to drink one by one there was no sake only clod water.Everyone angrily move from the place
  • Now Taro tried he feel the sake.Since thoughtful son ,The magic waterfall gave the delicious sake. Villagers are tried greedily that's why they are not feel the sake.
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